VIDEO DADS offers multi-day, in-person trainings on cutting edge video storytelling. Our discussions and demonstrations are customized for the particular needs of public television, radio, and news organizations.

PBS and NPR Public Media staff training for video and radio production

South Carolina ETV receives video production training from Video Dads
Public TV producers learn the art, technique, and gear used in a documentary interview
Video Dads taught with such passion and it infected all of ETV’s participants. What I think proved most effective during the two day training was that everyone got something out of it, from interns, who had never held a camera before, to years of experienced professional television producers. I would do this training again and recommend it to anyone.

We believe a good short, video documentary can be made in a couple days. Our PBS Digital Studios series "Indie America" is a 24-episode proof of concept, and in the process of making the series we have trained local staff in how to find similar stories, shoot cinematic images, and edit a captivating video that embodies the public media mission.

The video production training was a great opportunity to learn more about storytelling with people who are passionate about what they do!

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